Product Cost Comparison

Tubular Skylight Costs and Comparison

Although Solatube Australia are the original inventor of the miracle tube skylight, as first seen on the 1991 TV series “Beyond 2000”, there are so many new products on the market claiming to have a “solartube” so it can be hard to compare and choose.

The Industry Standard of Tubular Skylights usually consist of two main sizes for domestic homes: 250-300 in diameter and 400-500 in diameter.

When deciding what skylight product you should purchase, you should assess the following four main components.


1. The Dome

The Dome is used for capturing light while protecting the Tube from the elements. These days, all domes include UV inhibitors that stops fading any items within your home.

2. The Flashing

The roof fixing component is also known as a Flashing. Customised roof flashings prevent the water issues that are commonly associated with traditional “one size fits all” roof components.

3. The Tube

The Tube connects the Dome to your ceiling. This will substantially impact the amount of light entering your home.

4. The Diffuser

This is the ceiling fixture, also known as the Diffuser, and will affect the intensity of the light entering your home.

These areas can have a considerable impact on the all-year-round light performance and energy efficiency in your home. While we sell a range of Solatube tubular skylight products to meet any budget, our Brighten Up series is the number one choice for architects. Priced between $850-$1400, these are superior lighting options for both home owners and developers. Why compromise by choosing anything else?

These price guides are based on a standard single-level home installation. There are many variations that can affect installation prices, so we suggest contacting us to us for advice and pricing that is specific to your needs and home.

Product Cost and Comparison


Econotube Tube skylight range Heavenly Intellight tube skylight Brighten Up tube skylight range
Limited applications for the budget conscious. Available in 250mm & 400mm diameter Premium performing Tube Skylight. Available in 250mm & 400mm diameter Highest performance, Brighter light, Longer light, all day every day. Available in 250mm & 400mm diameter. Larger Commercial sizes also available
Price $150 – $600 $450- $1000 $850 – $1400




Star Rating




Overall performance and Light consistency


Budget constraints or purchased through hardware chains.


High performing during summer and when the sun is high in the sky. Performance is reduced from the extra layers of glazing, lowest performance in winter.

Unsurpassed performance offering up to double the light output of any other premium skylight during winter, only product to reduce light intensity during summer through raybender 3000 technology
Dome Clear Low profile Acrylic dome. No enhanced light capture Optical enhanced Clear dome – offered by every manufacturer Combined technology delivers unrivalled year-round performance in light output
Roof Flashing Manufactured by Solatube Australia, customised profile leak-proof performance, for any roof type Manufactured by Solatube Australia, customised profile leak-proof performance, for any roof type Manufactured by Solatube Australia, customised profile leak-proof performance, for any roof type
Tube Material Flex duct tube, low durability & low light performance 95-98% reflective, Mirror like anodised tube – offered by every manufacurer 99.7% reflective -worlds most reflective tube – exclusive INFRAREDuction technology that removes heat
Ceiling Fixture Spreads little amount of light. Basic Option Slim line for modern ceiling fixture Maximum spread of light, with Australia’s largest range of decorative ceiling options/accessories
Energy Efficiency Single glazing Unique Tripple Glazed option available. Not standard as reduces light output Australia’s most energy efficient tube skylight product. Australia’s only Energy Star rated
Manufacture Location Australia Australia Australian owned, maufactured in the USA for global distribution. Meeting the highest international quality standards

Brisbane Skylights

Choosing Solatube products from Brisbane Skylights gives you access to a completely controllable, energy efficient and durable home lighting system. It’s the most economical and efficient way to lighten up any space effectively, with style. There’s a product to suit your needs and space, and a team of experts to guide you on your journey to brightness.

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