Whole House Fans

Comfort throughout your whole home for every season

  • Cools your home efficiently in minutes during hot summer months
  • Improves air quality removing odours all year round
  • Extracts stale air in winter months
  • Creates a healthier home
  • Helps reduce air conditioning costs

Refresh your home this summer.

Do you want your home to have continuous fresh air recirculating around the whole house this summer?
Look no further.

Solatube Whole House fan pulls cool, fresh outdoor air into living spaces through the windows, and pushes hot stale indoor
air through your roof cavity and out the vents. It doesn’t recirculate air (as with air-conditioning) it provides natural fresh air throughout the home.

Feel refreshed all day in summer.

Have you ever come home in summer and the house has been closed up all day long, and as soon as you open the door, you get blasted by hot stale air? Well look no further than Solatube Whole House Fan, to elevate that feeling within 10-15 minutes. Cooling the home and roof cavity by up to 30oC, and sometimes more, allowing the home to stay much cooler the following day (the principal of Thermal Mass Cooling). This helps reduce home cooling costs compared to air-conditioning.

Improve your air quality this winter in minutes.

With the cooler winter months, we tend to shut the home up to keep the warmth in, this creates an environment for air to get trapped inside, odour builds up, and leaves the home in an unhealthy state. Solatube Whole House Fan quickly removes stale air and replaces it with fresh, clean air. As this happens within 10-15 minutes, it will keep your home healthier in cooler months.

Built to last. Built to blast.

1.  Brushless Motor: for long-lasting strength and energy-efficient operation
2.  Powder Coated Metal Fan Blade: for durability and rust-proof operation
3.  5-Blade Fan: for smoother airflow
4.  Insulated Ducting: for quiet cooling
5.  Unique damper box design maximizes airflow
6. No visible vent fasteners gives a contemporary look
7.  Easily removable & dishwasher-safe intake grill for quick and easy cleaning
8.  Innovative HushMount™ technology

Fresh solutions for your home.

With four models that can be used alone or combined for any size house or number of zones you want to cool within it, Solatube has the Whole House Fans to get the job done.

Model 1500

Size of home (m2) – Up to:  95
Attic Venting Required (m2):  0.2
Airflow (m3/h, nominal): 2627
Motor Watts (@240V):  128
Motor RPM:  1500
Fan Diameter (mm):  356
Duct Length (mm):  2100
Duct Diameter (mm):  406
Sound Level (900mm below intake):  48dB
Damper Doors:  R6
Intake Grate Size (mm):  394×546
Control (wall switch optional):  Remote Optional

Model 3000

Size of home (m2) – Up to:  190
Attic Venting Required (m2):  0.4
Airflow (m3/h, nominal): 3626
Motor Watts (@240V):  170
Motor RPM:  1350
Fan Diameter (mm):  457
Duct Length (mm):  2100
Duct Diameter (mm):  406
Sound Level (900mm below intake):  54dB
Damper Doors:  R6
Intake Grate Size (mm):  394×546
Control (wall switch optional):  Remote Optional

Brisbane Skylights

Choosing Solatube products from Brisbane Skylights gives you access to a completely controllable, energy efficient and durable home lighting system. It’s the most economical and efficient way to lighten up any space effectively, with style. There’s a product to suit your needs and space, and a team of experts to guide you on your journey to brightness.

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