Pure, Natural Daylight with Solatube Skylights

Harnessing the sun’s natural light has never been so simple. Solatube Skylights are engineered to efficiently capture the sun’s rays and deliver them into your home. From early morning to sunset, you’ll get brighter, more colourful rooms.

Transforming dark rooms into beautiful, naturally lit areas is what Solatube Skylights are designed for. Being leaders of the industry for over 25 years globally has allowed us to capture, transfer and deliver outstanding daylight results in Australian homes.

How Solatube Skylights Work

Solatube daylighting technology is the smart way to capture daylight, light up any living space and save on energy costs whilst blocking out UV rays and heat.

Solatube Daylighting Systems are designed to provide superior performance through breakthrough optical technology with advanced designs and the highest quality materials to deliver and abundance of pure, clear natural light. Unlike the majority of skylights products, Solatube Daylighting Systems offer maximum light performance with minimal solar heat gain.

Whatever type of building you are designing, new or existing, residential or commercial, Solatube Daylighting Systems offer modular components to meet the technical and aesthetic requirements of your space.

Shed Light on the Best Things in Life.

Bring beautiful, natural light into your home with Solatube’s innovative tubular daylighting technologies and convert dark spaces into places you love.

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Brilliant Technology

Maximize Light Capture with Raybender® 3000 Technology and the LightTracker™ Reflector. Our innovative daylight-catching dome and integrated reflector combine to bring in an amazing amount of light from any angle, throughout the day and the year.

Product Features that Absolutely Shine.

With models and product options to bring natural light into any home, Solatube delivers the industry’s premier daylighting systems.
You choose the configurations that are right for you.

It All Starts with the Domes

To match up with Solatube Daylighting Systems’ two device sizes, there are two different sized domes, each of which integrates technologies to maximise the capture of sunlight, even in lower light conditions and geographies.

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Different Options for Different Areas

Our Daylighting Systems offer different tubular daylighting devices (160 DS and 290 DS) with varying lengths in order to fit different applications and space sizes and illuminate them with natural light.

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Diffusers for Beautiful Delivery

We offer a full line of attractive fixtures – both round and square – that create gorgeous spaces in your home with beautiful, diffused light.

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Mounting for Any Roof

Fabricated as a single, seamless piece to ensure leak-proof performance, flashing kits are available for all roof types and pitches.

Brisbane Skylights

Choosing Solatube products from Brisbane Skylights gives you access to a completely controllable, energy efficient and durable home lighting system. It’s the most economical and efficient way to lighten up any space effectively, with style. There’s a product to suit your needs and space, and a team of experts to guide you on your journey to brightness.

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