vented skylights

SkyVault. Natural Light Goes Big.

The core of the SkyVault Series, our largest tubular daylighting devices, is the M74 DS with tubes 29″ wide and extending up to 100′ long to fill even the largest spaces with natural light.

vented skylights

Made to Be Modular

The beauty of the SkyVault is that it’s not just one size fits all. With varying combinations of domes and collectors to capture light with tube extensions to transfer it, and an optional Amplifier to deliver it into the building, the SkyVault Series is a flexible, high-output solution for any large-volume space

Massive Sunlight Capture

It all starts with standard domes that are available in both single and dual-glazed configurations with optional security guards. The light capture then gets really big with the oversized SkyVault Collector that redirects low-angle light downward while filtering out the heat of infrared rays.

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